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Khione Liquid Nitrogen Generation Plants

Khione LN2 is the range of standalone Liquid Nitrogen Generators from Noblegen Products of the United Kingdom

Utilising the reliable ‘Cryo-refrigerator’ design of a cold head and helium compressor, nitrogen gas is produced using the PSA technique which is then cooled to -196oC to produce liquid nitrogen. The Generators are controlled using the latest in touch screen technology to display the process in real-time, Dewar liquid level, PSA nitrogen production, trend graphs etc.



KHIONE LN2 Generation Plants are your reliable and efficient alternative to conventional liquid nitrogen supplies. Taking away the on-going costs, safety considerations of deliveries, transportation of traditional liquid gas supplies, the KHIONE on-site Liquid Nitrogen systems are some of the most advanced and intelligent available.

The control system gives the user all the information necessary to ensure an efficient and consistent supply of liquid nitrogen and nitrogen gas is always available. From the process to flow and alarms, including automatic operation, Trend graphs, service alarm and service records page, there is simply no other liquid nitrogen system quite like KHIONE


  • Range of flow-rates
  • Complete solution
  • Compact and quiet design
  • Built in nitrogen PSA
  • Automatic operation
  • Energy saving mode
  • LN2 dewar liquid level
  • N2 gas outlet as standard
  • Trend graphs into MS Excel
  • Alarms with help menu
  • Remote access via internet


  • Storage of Samples (IVF)
  • Hospitals and Laboratories
  • Metal Treatment (rapid cooling)
  • Super-conductivity
  • Theme Parks
  • Film Production


  • Custom screens
  • Oxygen analyser on gas outlet
  • Dewpoint Sensor
  • Specification based on Ambient temperature range of +7oC - +38oC and a maximum altitude of 3,000m.

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