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Gen2ius Range Nitrogen Generators

The Genius Range of products has a major advantage of allowing the possibility to extend the nitrogen gas flow of the generator by adding extra columns.

The Genius range has been designed to be able from the same common base, to supply flow from 8.1 Nm3/hr to 81 Nm3/hr.

To increase the capacity of a generator, one or more twin columns can be added. This simple operation can be completed within one hour.

Designed both for compactness and modern look, all accessories usually fixed externally are now located inside the body.


Functional Description

The Gen2ius range can produce nitrogen from compressed air for 7-13 bar. Absorbers are all identical; and built from aluminium pipes for a working pressure of 13 bar g in accordance with CE & ASME.

All control valves, silencers, filters, PLC and the oxygen analyser are installed inside the main body.

Adsorber pressure and nitrogen gas purity are displayed on the control panel screen. All data can be recorded and the system can be connected to Ethernet network with data transmitted by ModBus protocol.


Compressed air must be dry and oil-free, and a refrigerated dryer is needed for standard applications working in normal conditions. Pre-filter and filter have to be installed for oil removal and a downstream final dust filter is installed.


  • Supplied on skid without air compressor, dryer, oil separator or storage tanks
  • Custom designed nitrogen generation plants are available and will be tailored to meet individual specifications


  • Supplied as a complete plant with air compressor, dryer, oil separator and storage and buffer tanks.
  • Oxygen Analyser with 2 gauges and 2 safety settings (purity and air pressure) installed on the PSA control box.
  • The performance data is related to temperature at 20oC, pressure 1013 mbar and relative humidity 70%.
  • Custom designed nitrogen generation plants are available and will be tailored to meet individual specifications.

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