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Nitrogen Generators & Nitrogen Plants

Manufacturing and packaging processes increasingly require nitrogen gas for inert atmosphere applications and gas assisted injection molding. The cost associated with the traditional supply of these gases (cylinders, liquid storage tanks etc.) continues to increase on an annual basis. Nitrogen generators provide an independent nitrogen supply at low cost.

Standard models, variable nitrogen purity, custom designed 'plants', high pressure (350 - 700 bar g) nitrogen generators are available to meet combined or single application criteria including storage vessels to satisfy peak and fluctuating flow demands.

Whether you require a few cubic metres per hour or several thousand, a standard model or tailor made plant - a nitrogen generator system will deliver the purity specified consistently on demand.

Nitrogen generators and nitrogen plants offer:
• Flexible nitrogen production
• Purity level from 95% to 99.999% nitrogen
• Low energy consumption
• Elimination of logistics associated with cylinders, liquid tanks and evaporators
• Freedom from reordering and 'out-of-stock' frustrations
• Operator free running - computerised controls
• High outlet pressures - up to 700 bar g

There is a wide range of nitrogen generators and plants available, some of which can be custom designed to suit your requirements:

  • Micro Range
    • Nitrogen gas flows 2 litres/minute at 99.99% nitrogen purity up to over 300 litres/minute at 95% gas purity.
  • GA Range
    • Nitrogen gas flows 4.2 Nm3/hour at 99.999% nitrogen purity up to over 1000 Nm3/hour at 95% nitrogen gas purity.
  • Genius Range
    • Nitrogen gas flows 2.5 Nm3/hour at 99.999% nitrogen purity up to 125 Nm3/hour at 97% nitrogen gas purity.

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