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Nitrogen Generation by Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)

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Cost Effective PURE Nitrogen Generation that Grows as your Process Grows

Manufacturing and packaging processes increasingly require nitrogen gas for inert atmosphere applications and gas assisted injection moulding. 

For many reasons, it is difficult for any company to know the exact amount of nitrogen they require or what they will need in 5 years time.

For this reason the GEN2IUS range of generators have been designed with the advantage of being able to expand along with you. Just bolt any number of additional columns/modules to your existing unit and you will have increased production of nitrogen within the hour. It’s that simple....

This range of gas generators fills the need and fills the gap – you can minimise your upfront investment and maximise your productivity – this gas generator grows as your process grows

Current applications using this range of generators include:

In the cellars, nitrogen is used at all stages of the winemaking process. It allows for winemaking operators to control the oxygen and CO2 dissolved in the wine. The gas control is essential to obtain a high quality wine.

The purity required is 99.5% or 99.9%, the gas produced by the generator dry and free of micro-organisms and meets food standards.

Details of operations or nitrogen used :
  • viticole.jpgPressing under nitrogen grape juice is extracted with a reduced oxygen in a press equipped for working under gas.
  • Lift with nitrogen for red wine it makes a forceful injection of nitrogen in the must to extract colour and aromatics of the "cap."
  • Flotation this operation can reduce the impurities in surface by micro bubbling nitrogen in the tank.
  • Brewing for assembling various additives, the bubbling of nitrogen allows a homogeneous mixture.
  • Transfer with blistering, layer of foam floats to protect the wine during its transfer to an empty tank.
  • Tapping barrel, the wine is removed and replaced with nitrogen.
  • Growth of wine with nitrogen to transfer from one barrel into another.
  • Hunting the air in the pipes and replace it with nitrogen.
  • Inerting storage tanks to store wine without a floating cap.
  • Deoxygenisation Nitrogen is used to remove an excess of O2 in the wine at the end of vinification. This is done by bubbling 99.9% nitrogen.
  • Decarbonisation Nitrogen is used to remove a surplus of CO2 into the wine at the end of vinification. This is done by bubbling 99.9% nitrogen.
  • Bottling the empty bottles are filled with nitrogen to avoid dissolved oxygen during the filling process.

decoupe_laser.jpgNitrogen is used to cool the molten metal on a laser cutting machine, where the laser beam is focused down to 0.1 mm.  This process is especially useful for cutting stainless steel and aluminium where nitrogen gas envelopes the cutting environment to prevent oxidation.

For example for a clean cut on stainless steel a minimum purity of 300 ppm is necessary. The pressure of the gas cutting must be high, normally between 8 and 20 bar, where we use high-pressure compressors to achieve those values.

With a final treatment with activated carbon, our generators provide a gas free of dust and traces of oil.

Let us help you determine the best gas generator solution for your application or process either contact us or complete the gas generator sizing questionnaire.

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