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Laboratory Gases

Nitrogen Generation by Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)

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Controlling the Atmosphere and Extending Shelf Life

Shelf life of packaged food products, especially convenience foods can be extended dramatically by eliminating oxygen from the packaging. A proven solution is to process and pack under a nitrogen rich atmosphere as with its low solubility and neutral pH nitrogen makes an ideal blanket and purge gas.

Most modern packaging machines have nitrogen purging as a standard feature or can easily be adapted to ensure that you have control over your packaging environment and can eliminate most oxygen.

Nitrogen Generation Plants from CarboTrade Worldwide offer an independent, reliable and economic source of manufacturing your own nitrogen. This is an attractive alternative to other sources of nitrogen supply and fully automatic control of every CarboTrade nitrogen plant can eliminate the need for any intervention by personnel.

Regardless of whether you require a few m3/hour or several thousand; a standard model or tailor-made plant, these nitrogen generation plants will deliver the gas consistently that you need.

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