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Nitrogen Generation by Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)

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High Pressure + High Flow + High Purity Nitrogen Generators support many manufacturing applications

On Site Generating Solutions has expanded its range of products and services to include the design, supply, installation and service of High Pressure Nitrogen Generators.

These nitrogen generators feature:

  • Outlet pressures up to 350 Bar (5000 psi)
  • Flow rates from a few m 3 per hour to thousands of m 3 per hour
  • Purity level of Nitrogen up to 99.99%
  • Nitrogen produced by Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) from inlet air supply of 5 to 7 bar
  • Central PLC automatic control

The process, based on the PSA technology (pressure swing adsorption), makes use of the most common of all elements, Nitrogen. The PSA process is where ambient air is compressed in a lubricated, air cooled compressor. In a following step, this compressed air enters a refrigerated dryer and filters for removal of water and oil. Compressed air flows through the carbon molecular sieve inside the adsorber beds where Oxygen is adsorbed while Nitrogen leaves the adsorber bed. During adsorption in one side of the bed, the second side of the bed is regenerated by depressurisation to ambient pressure. The adsorption/desorption cycle is controlled by a fixed sequence of a PLC controller.

The higher outlet pressures from the nitrogen generators are of particular interest for gas assisted moulding, furnace applications and laser equipment. Generators can be designed to suit single or multiple machines and engineered to suit individual users pattern of gas usage.

A range of options are available and these include: complete nitrogen generating plants, dedicated air compressors, additional high pressure N2 storage reservoirs, modular system to allow retrofitting to meet increased requirements, oxygen analysers and more.

Previously these high pressures have not been achievable by gas generators as a cost effective alternative to cylinder or liquid nitrogen tanks. However, systems can now be provided that are both cost effective and reliable.

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