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Trouble Shooting Guides GC Applications

Several technical articles have been commissioned by On Site Generating Solutions and are available on request to customers with Australia and will be supplied as a printed hard copy or as a read only locked PDF.

AUTHOR - Trevor Norris. ARMIT, Grad.Dip.Bus.Admin, APIA, FRACI, C.Chem

This series of trouble shooting guides has been specifically for written for GC applications. The working index of trouble shooting guides includes:

1. No Peaks Are Observed After Injection Of Sample

2. The Chromatogram Reveals A Solvent Peak Only, Or There Is A Missing Peak Of Interest

3. Retention Times Are All As Expected, But The Signal Response Is Uniformly Low

4. Retention Times Are Longer Than Expected, and The Signal Response Is Uniformly Low

5. Quantitation Is Not Reproducible….

6. Unable To “Zero” The System Due To Baseline Being Off-Scale

7. Baseline Drifting

8. Spurious Peaks , Either Ghost Peaks Or Additional Peaks

9. Irregular Or Unstable Baseline – Spiking

10. Repetitive Cycling Baseline

11. Negative Peaks, - As Opposed To Negative Baseline Shifts

12. Peaks Are Distorted, i.e. Are Not Symmetrical,

a. Leading Peaks
b. Tailing Peaks
c. Split Peaks….

13. Peak Are Not Skewed But Are Not Gaussian Either:

a. Peak Tops Are Flat
b. Peak Tops Are Rounded
c. Peaks Are Clipped At The Baseline

14. Baseline Stepping, Particularly After Large Eluting Peaks

15. Loss Of Signal After Injection

16. Negative Baseline Dipping After Injection Or Following Sample Peaks

17. Broad Solvent Peaks

18. Column Is Behaving Normally When Suddenly The Retention Times Become Prolonged Or Suddenly Shortened

19. Replace Column Of Nominally Similar Characteristics, Shows Different Behaviour To The Original Column

20. The Resolution Of An Apparently Normal Column, Suddenly Collapses

21. A New Column Rapidly Deteriorates After Installation

On Site Generating Solutions Pty Ltd specialises in turnkey gas generating systems and is dedicated to the supply, distribution, development and service of gas generating systems throughout Australia.

On Site Generating Solutions offer the leading brands direct from the manufacturers and provide the most extensive range of gas generators available in Australia. The range covers the high purity needs of laboratories and the larger flow requirements to meet manufacturing and industrial applications.

These articles were commission by On Site Generating Solutions Pty Ltd. Each article has copyright and no part of it can be reproduced or utilised in any form or by any means without the written permission of On Site Generating Solutions Pty Ltd.

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