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Noblegen Pure Air
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Laboratory Gases

Nitrogen Generation by Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)

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Pure Air Generators

A range of high quality, reliable and proven PSA Pure Air and laboratory gas generators.

Utilising the reliable and efficient PSA technique of separating moisture is used to produce high quality Pure Instrument air at various flows and purities.

The control system gives the user all the information necessary to ensure an efficient and consistent supply of gas is always available,. From the process to flow and alarms, including auto-start / stop function, trend graphs, service alarm and service records page, there is simply no other laboratory nitrogen system.


  • Range of flow-rates
  • With or without Internal Oil-free air compressor
  • Compact and quiet design
  • Air Dewpoint: -55oC min.
  • Auto run facility
  • Energy saving mode
  • Outlet flow indicator (% flow)
  • Trend graphs into MS Excel
  • Alarms with Help menu
  • Audible alarm sounder
  • Remote access via Internet


  • Ambient temperature range: +5oC - +30oC
  • Air Inlet pressure: 8 bar g (116 psi g)
  • Air Inlet requirement:
    • Dew point: +5oC
    • Particulate: <0.1 micron
    • Oil: <0.01 mg/m3
  • Air outlet pressure - refer to "Technical Specs" attached
  • Electricity supply: 230V 50-60 Hz / 1ph
  • Socket inlet: IEC type C14 (fused) 10A max
  • Inlet/Outlet connections: 1/4" BSPP


  • Hazardous area EX version
  • Custom screens
  • Dew-point sensor


  • The performance data is related to ambient temperature of 20oC - 25oC, pressure 7 bar g (102 psi g)
  • Custom designed nitrogen generations are available and will be tailored to meet individual specifications.

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